Rolling Admission

I do not have separate introductory classes at the moment; instead, new students and old are mixed for most activities. When we move on to an activity for which a new student is not ready, I will work one on one with new students, while my more experienced students do more advanced activities.

It generally takes one to two months for a student to be ready for the advanced activities.


There is an option to buy equipment from me on the left. If you buy equipment from me, I will add on a surcharge to cover shipping, handling, and my own time.

Also, equipment ordered from me is NOT available within 120 minutes, as Square claims. Equipment purchased from me is available during the next scheduled class after it arrives. If you would like equipment to be shipped directly to you, please click on the links below to the sites from which I would buy the equipment.


If cost is the thing keeping your child from holding a sword, click the shield between the buttons for "about" and "contact" to be taken to our scholarships page. On this page, you will be given the option to pay for one month at a time at a reduced price.

Practice Swords

Swords of Chivalry makes use of different practice swords for different purposes. Each of the swords on the left is a sword you might see in a Swords of Chivalry class.

All swords used in this class are either foam or plastic, but that does not mean that they are safe. Using swords is an inherently dangerous activity, and should always be done under adult supervision.

Talk to me before or after class for more information about which sword you should buy for your child or teen.

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