The Medieval Longsword

The longsword has been described as "The queen of all weapons," comparing it to the chess piece. The longsword can do almost anything another weapon can do, and is the cornerstone of this class.

Students will learn techniques taught by numerous masters, across three centuries of medieval and renaissance Europe.

What You Get With Registration

Instruction in historical swordsmanship
Confidence and respect
A Swords of Chivalry t-shirt
Personalized fitness instruction
Personalized quests to build character

Students practice against others of their own weight class, and against the instructor. Students who demonstrate enough control and maturity will be allowed to practice with other students outside of their weight class.

Class Structure

Running and Stretching Sometimes referred to as "Running around in circles"
Non-contact drills Footwork, as well as bladework done out of range
Contact drills Fencing masks come on, and the intensity goes up
Sparring Show what you've learned

Spears and Daggers and Shields, Oh My!

In addition to the longsword, a knight would have carried numerous other weapons with him, such as a shield, spear, or dagger. Swords of Chivalry includes instruction in all of these weapons, and even in unarmed combat.

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