Who We Are

Swords of Chivalry is a Historical European Martial Arts program run by Scott Ferguson. Scott has been teaching children how to use swords safely for six years, and started Swords of Chivalry at the request of parents who repeatedly asked, "Do you teach a regular weekly class?"

For the past two years, Swords of Chivalry has worked with dozens of students, teaching longsword, sword and shield, spear, dagger, unarmed combat and more.

More than anything, Swords of Chivalry is the students. Swords of Chivalry is made up of students from grades three and up who love history and swords.

What We Do

The techniques taught at Swords of Chivalry come from historical manuals. In the late medieval and early renaissance era, masters began writing down their teachings so that they would not be lost to the ages.

Putting the art into writing became more pressing with the advent of guns. Paulus Hector Mair wrote his Opus Amplissiumum de Arte Athletica, at the cost of his life, because he could see that the art was already dying in the 1570s.

Swords of Chivalry works primarily from the tradition of Johannes Lichtenauer, of 14th century southern Germany, but we draw techniques from across the Western world. George Silver of England, Joachim Meyer of Germany, Fiore dei Liberi of Italy, and even George McLellan of the United States Union Army, all provide a portion of Swords of Chivalry's curriculum.

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